Meet the President

Marilyn Collins Moore

Marilyn is a native of Mississippi, a woman of faith, the wife of the late Reginald Moore and Mr. Moore’s unhindered supporter as he followed his passion for history, preservation, community projects, advocacy, activism, and educating himself and others about the atrocities of convict leasing. 

Marilyn graduated with honors earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi and moved to Houston after graduation. She was hired as a Storeroom Attendant at the Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) in 1979,  and matriculated through the ranks during her tenure to Director of Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Relations. She also attained a certificate in Mediation.  In 2019, Marilyn retired from METRO after 40 years of service. 

Following Reginald’s death in 2020, she was urged to replace him in his leadership role in his non-profit organization; she declined. In 2021, she was contacted by the Community Engagement Coordinator for Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) to assist in the review of the language for the Sugar Land 95 (SL95) Exhibit display panels. Marilyn wanted to ensure that Reginald’s name and work were included in the exhibit; it was agreed the panel would be labeled, “Did You Know?” Her input, suggestions and requests were received and honored as much as possible. In the fall of 2021, she visited the Texas Historical Commission in Austin to view the preserved artifacts found at the burial site. 

Marilyn participated in a panel discussion at the February, 2022 opening of the SL95 Exhibit and was also interviewed by Pooja Lodhia of ABC Channel 13 for her thoughts about the Exhibit. Afterwards, she began volunteering to speak specifically about Reginald’s work on convict leasing and the Sugar Land 95 during Exhibit and Cemetery Tours, and at various local elementary and middle schools. 

In September, 2022, Marilyn was approached about participating on a Task Force with other interested community members to provide assistance on the Sugar Land 95 Memorial Project at FBISD; she agreed to do so. The Task Force was formed and later named Forced Labor Justice Coalition of Fort Bend; she served as secretary.  

Marilyn co-presented at the February, 2023, Texas Historical Commission Real Places Conference. On February 19, 2023, she was responsible for leading a Candlelight Vigil on behalf of the Forced Labor Justice Coalition, to honor the Sugar Land 95 as part of FBISD’s Sugar Land 95 Discovery Day observance. 

After approximately six months, the Coalition members voted to seek nonprofit, tax-exempt status and seek to become FBISD’s Sugar Land 95 Memorial Project community partner. Marilyn accepted the position of President and the members voted to re-name the organization, “Friends of the Sugar Land 95 of Fort Bend County” (FOSL95). 

Under her leadership, Friends of the Sugar Land 95 Corporation  received nonprofit status with the State of Texas, and has received the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt designation from the IRS. Marilyn’s commitment to the SL95 Memorial Project has gone from supporting Mr. Moore behind the scenes to heading Friends of the Sugar Land 95 as a community partner. She has often stated, “If you talk about the Sugar Land 95 and don’t mention Reginald Moore’s name, you aren’t getting the REAL story”. 

Her motto is: “Let’s work together, not in silos; there is a lot of work to be done; there is enough work for everyone”.